LAUNCH Go Bootcamp


Launch Boot camp is a weekend leadership retreat for students in grades 7-12 that takes place each January.  Students must be referred by a pastor or student pastor.

The boot camp is staffed by the Launch Internship director, the General Baptist National Youth Conference coordinator, and key student pastors.  GBNYC will serve a key role in bringing about an awareness of and recruitment of participants in the boot camp.

There is a junior high track and a high school track.  The junior high track focuses on general leadership principles and the high school track focuses on specific leadership, personality, and spiritual gift traits.  An assessment is given to each of the high school participants.

As a result of the boot camp, students are challenged to become leaders in their schools, churches and communities.  In addition, each participant is assigned a mentor (pastor, student pastor, or other trained mentor).

The boot camp takes place on an annual basis, and each student’s eligibility extends to subsequent years.  Students who have attended at least one boot camp are used to help lead future bootcamps.

High school juniors and seniors who participate in the boot camp are referred to the Launch internship program, the Lead Now program, and to formal education possibilities.

Contact Jim Pratt in the GBIM office for more details.